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New-Age Marketing & Sales

Learn the comprehensive combination of marketing techniques, the new age being Digital Marketing, and the Traditional Marketing fundamentals of Customer Retention, Professional Networking, and explore the concepts of pathways, scope, and benefits of different marketing channels.


Business promotion ideation

Digital & Traditional marketing

Customer retention

Customer service

Networking skills


Create awareness online on different social media platforms about your business & products
Learn marketing and selling skills for business growth
Analyze the dynamics of Customer engagement and its effect on a business
Understand and know the tricks to customer retention and positive customer experience


  • Leadership & Management teaching
  • 21st-century skills
  • Career guidance
  • Smart human support
  • Personal mentorship
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Industry-specific advisory
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Certificate on completion
  • Flexible learning hours



No pre-requisites required.


  • For individuals and organizations looking to expand their business.


  • Learn the role of digital marketing in achieving your business goals
  • Learn the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing
  • Learn how to share a story to reach the target audience
  • Learn how to create Facebook page, LinkedIn Profile
  • YouTube channel and Twitter Profile for your business
  • Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its execution in your business
  • Learn how to create a social media marketing team for your business
  • The importance of performance marketing for business growth
  • How to use Google platform and tools for business benefits
  • Google Ad-words for search and display marketing
  • How to generate leads through social media
  • Use of pixel for conversion, tracking, and remarketing
  • Make your business ready for mobile marketing
  • Learn what is growth hacking
  • E-mail marketing and E-commerce marketing
  • Learn how to do successful affiliate marketing
  • Generate revenue using Google Ad-sense
  • Learn to generate and nurture leads through WhatsApp marketing
  • Convert leads into sales through WhatsApp marketing and grow
  • Your Business
  • Learn to maintain relationship with existing customers through
  • WhatsApp marketing automation
  • Learn to use feature of WhatsApp business account for effective
  • Low-cost marketing
  • Learn to increase engagement with customers easily with
  • Other feature like payments. Cataloging
  • Learn to collaborate in real-time with clients by learning to
  • Link Google sheet with WhatsApp
  • Create an Instagram business account
  • How to create different types of Instagram posts
  • Learn how to click perfect pictures
  • Learn the power of hashtags
  • Instagram growth tools & their features
  • How to use influencer marketing in Instagram
  • Learn how to run ads on Instagram
  • How to measure the success of an Instagram post
  • Metrics to track Instagram
  • How to make your Instagram post viral
  • Learn how to build a 5-star online reputation
  • Learn about search engine result page (SERPs) and its importance
  • Learn how to handle the negative reviews online
  • Learn how to get more positive reviews online leverage them
  • Learn the importance of building online communities
  • Learn to choose an e-commerce business model that can work for you
  • Learn steps to start an e-commerce business
  • Know about the technologies needed to start your online store
  • Find out ways to fund your online store
  • Understand ways to run an e-commerce business
  • Find out ways to make market your online store without any cost
  • Learn best practices from the case studies of the top e-commerce platform
  • How to setup a call center?
  • Hiring and training of call center employees
  • Understanding the customer needs
  • Preparing for telesales call
  • Making call scripts for telesales
  • Closing a telesales call
  • Viral marketing
  • Street marketing
  • Under-cover marketing (stealth marketing)
  • Film based marketing
  • Humor marketing
  • Engagement marketing
  • Smartphone marketing
  • Challenge marketing
  • Meme marketing
  • Ambient marketing
  • Moment marketing
  • Cause marketing
  • Learn to turn customer service into customer delight
  • Learn fundamentals of customer service to boost your business growth?
  • Find out customer service KPIs that will help you measure satisfaction
  • Learn the importance of communication & body language in CS
  • Learn technology tools to enhance customer service
  • Learn to handle difficult customers
  • Learn to customer feedback for business strategies
  • Learn importance of Omni-channel customer service
  • Increase sales by 30%-40% with the help of technology
  • Convert your offline sales to online sales
  • Know how to handle customers objections effectively
  • Learn tools & techniques to attract new customers
  • Learn the right ways to pitch your product
  • Learn how to follow up with old customers
  • Learn how to develop negotiation skills in you
  • Learn how to use empathy in negotiation
  • Learn about various techniques of negotiation
  • Learn how to convert a customer’s “No” to “yes”
  • Using silence as an important tool in negotiation
  • Learn how to apply high ball and low ball techniques of negotiation
  • Learn how to handle emotion in negotiation
  • Learn how to crack deal in your favour


Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual who wants to learn about Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

Yes, you can attend the course online, from the comfort of your home or office.

Every student and professional who completes the course will be awarded with a Certification.

You'll need a good internet connection with any digital device like- smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

You can apply through our website.