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Start-Up and Entrepreneurship

Learn the what, when, and the how of launching your Start-up, the journey from raising the funds to segmenting the customer, and building a life-long relationship with the said customers by understanding their wants and needs. Know all about the Wantrepreneurs and Solopreneurs and explore business ideas to scale up your business.


Start your Freelance career

Real-world conflict resolutions

Brand management

Financial understanding

Fund Raising strategies


Develop an Entrepreneurial mindset to generate an innovative and successful business idea
Learn how to start a business, fund-raise, and the tricks of retaining customers
Know all about unique business ideas under 3 Lakhs
How to formulate budgets and make investments to build brand value and goodwills


  • Leadership & Management teaching
  • 21st-century skills
  • Career guidance
  • Smart human support
  • Personal mentorship
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Industry-specific advisory
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Certificate on completion
  • Flexible learning hours



No pre-requisites required.


  • For budding entrepreneurs and individuals who want to start their own businesses.


  • Learn about the different types of freelancing opportunities
  • What are the skills required to be a solopreneur
  • How to start journey of scholarship?
  • How to solopreneur can set-up an office?
  • More than 50 freelancing profession to choose from
  • Ways to build a client portfolio and manager their website
  • How to get more clients for project work?
  • Pricing and negotiation strategy for solopreneurs
  • How to scale the business as a solopreneur?
  • Steps to build your startup idea
  • Learn to manage investors relations
  • Know fundamentals behind fund raising learn how to hire your team
  • Know about ESOPs and how to use them to hire great talent
  • Learn ways to market your products in the case of low budget
  • Avoid mistakes that leads to startup failure
  • Find out different source of raising funds
  • Understand steps to raise funds
  • Learn to prepare for fundraising
  • Learn top tips for pitching your ideas to investors
  • Get a list of the top venture and angle investors in India
  • Know steps to calculate your company’s valuation
  • Know how to maintain relationship with investors
  • Learn ways of getting out of debt
  • Learn ways to improve cash flow & budget planning
  • Understand ways to utilize surplus cash
  • Learn the checkpoint before making a credit sale to avoid bad debts
  • Learn to calculate the credit period before giving credit
  • Learn to calculate the average stock that should always be maintained
  • Make better investment decisions
  • Understand the concept of personal finance and its categories
  • How to do money management?
  • How to manage your expenses?
  • Learn when and how to use credit cards
  • Learn how earn interest
  • Different tools to manage personal finance
  • Learn how to plan higher education for your child
  • Understand the taxation process
  • Learn to choose the right insurance policies for your family
  • Different apps to manage your personal finance

Budgeting In Business

  • Starting a tiffin service business
  • How to become an independent Business consultant (IBC) - bada business?
  • Learn how to start bakery business?
  • Choosing photography as a business idea
  • Manufacturing of soft toys
  • Graphic designing
  • Learn how to start a solar business
  • LED bulb manufacturing business
  • Starting a daycare/crèche business
  • Interior designing
  • Cow management & rearing business
  • Refurbish goods business
  • T-shit printing business
  • Spice production business
  • Open-air cinema business
  • Food truck business
  • Starting a gaming zone
  • Coaching institute business
  • Freelance writing
  • Setting up a gift shop
  • Soap making
  • DJ business
  • What is brand?
  • How to make an eye-catchy brand logo?
  • How to define brand elements & guidelines
  • Brand jingles and their importance
  • How to generate recall value of brand?
  • Different stages of brand building
  • Branding on social media
  • Importance of brand promise and loyalty
  • Learn growth strategies that can help family business grow
  • Learn steps to manage conflicts in family business
  • Learn how to manage operation in family business
  • Learn strategies for leveraging the family business brand
  • Understand the cash flow management and accounting
  • Learn how to attract professional in the business
  • Learn how to do succession planning
  • Learn to make the next generation shows interest in your business


Frequently Asked Questions

Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in launching their start-up or business can enroll in this course.

Yes, you can attend the course online, from the comfort of your home or office.

Every student and professional who completes the course will be awarded with a Certification.

You'll need a good internet connection with any digital device like- smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

You can apply through our website.